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7 steps to become an effective Change Maker

The Lexicon Youth Ambassador Program is a unique online program that offers leadership development training to teens. Our program is led by a team of International Experts and U.S. based Faculty Mentors. If you want to become a change maker and make a positive impact in the world, then this program is perfect for you. 

Ready to make a Positive Impact? Here are 7 steps to become an effective Change Maker!

The Lexicon Youth Ambassador Leadership Program provides young people the opportunity to become a force for good while working with a dedicated mentor & other volunteers in an online environment. Being a change-maker involves taking action to create positive change in your community, society, or the world. Here are some steps you can take to become a change-maker:

  1. Identify a problem: Choose an issue that you are passionate about and that you believe needs attention. This could be anything from environmental protection to education reform, from combating poverty to promoting equality. No problem is too small or too big. Our team of international mentors have identified social problems in their specific regions that you can work on, so check out our mentorship tracks for a project that resonates with you.

  2. Research and educate yourself: Learn as much as you can about the issue you have chosen. Read books, articles, and reports, and talk to experts and those affected by the problem. Regardless of the problem that you’re trying to solve, you’ll need to be prepared. Our Leadership Program will equip you with the necessary research strategies and approaches.

  3. Get involved: Find ways to get involved in the cause you care about. This could involve volunteering, participating in advocacy campaigns, or joining a local organization working on the issue. More often than not, a lot of people want to make a difference but simply don’t know where to begin. Sometimes the cause that you care about is out of reach, making it difficult for you to participate and making an impact. The Lexicon Ambassador Program is designed to give you an opportunity to work on international social projects virtually, making it easy for you to get involved.

  4. Network and build partnerships: Building relationships with others who care about the same issue can help you achieve your goals. Connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses that share your passion and vision. Connecting with people who care about the same causes as you will inspire you to keep going and find more opportunities to contribute and create an impact. When you enroll in one of our programs, you’ll be interacting with other young leaders such as yourself to find solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges.

  5. Use your voice: Speak out about the issue you care about. Share your story and message with your friends, family, and community. Use social media, writing, and public speaking to raise awareness and generate support for your cause. Raising awareness on the cause you care about or the work that you’re currently doing may inspire others to contribute as well, you may even find partners who will help you achieve your goals faster.

  6. Take action: Develop a plan of action and take concrete steps to create change. This could involve organizing events, launching campaigns, or advocating for policy changes. Our Mentorship Programs follow structured modules that will ensure that you get enough background on the global issues that our mentors are trying to solve in their regions, and you’ll work together with the mentors to develop a plan of action to create the solutions and implement them.

  7. Evaluate and adjust: Continuously evaluate the impact of your actions and make adjustments as needed. Be flexible and adapt to new information and changing circumstances. The important thing to keep in mind as a change maker is that sometimes things don’t work out as planned and you need to adapt. This means that you need to be open to receiving constructive feedback. Our trained mentors will guide you throughout the program and will give you feedback as you progress. The ability to accept that feedback as a lever for growth will set you apart as a change maker.

Being a change-maker requires determination, persistence, and a willingness to work hard and collaborate with others. But with these qualities, you can make a real difference and create positive change in the world. If you’re ready to make a positive impact in the world, enroll for the Lexicon Ambassadors Leadership Program and select one of the web based/virtual  global ambassador programs to make a change.